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A little about the terms of trade on our site

Our company already has quite a lot of experience in providing brokerage services to both Russian and our Western colleagues, therefore, during our cooperation, we were able to develop the most acceptable trading conditions from the point of view of both national and international legislation, and, more importantly, our clients.


We are sure that trading conditions like ours will be quite difficult for you to find from other brokers who earn on large commissions received from specific clients and other similar things. Of course, our company also has a similar aspect, because any broker must earn, but the fundamental difference is that we earn not by maximizing the commission from a particular client, but by increasing the number of our partners.


It is this policy that is a priority for us, because it not only allows us to receive benefits, both for us and our clients, but also in practice has established itself as a good commercial and advertising move, because investors, comparing conditions on different sites, are quite often choose our broker.


In addition, we are always open to comments and suggestions, especially if they come from our long-term partners, which makes it even more client-oriented and even easier to win competition with other sites in the field of brokerage services. But it should be understood that, although we are doing everything that is possible, we are not omnipotent, because we are subject to international legislation, which in many respects rather severely limits our initiatives.


So, for example, recently, we had to bring our conditions in line with the new rules established by the European Securities and Markets Authority.


Also, many aspects of the company's interaction with our clients are a compromise between the wishes of potential partners and the practice that we had to face. For example, the minimum deposit set by the broker, which is 100 euros, often does not suit our, mostly new, clients, but this amount was derived based on the broker's experience as the minimum allowable for comfortable trading and interaction with financial instruments.


We will not claim that we are the best because it is subjective and opinionated, but we certainly try to be so, especially for our clients.

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